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This page provides a means to convert a string of Unicode characters to upper, lower and title case using the Java language version ("icu4j") of the IBM International Components for Unicode (ICU) library. Note that language rarely affects case folding. Only Lithuanian (language code of "lt") with dot above lowercase i, and Turkish ("tr") and Azari ("az") with I and i-dotless and I-dot and i, alter the folding algorithms.

Input a string into the "Source" field, optionally change the language code and click on the button corresponding to the type of conversion you want. The result will be displayed as a string and in hex. The source string may contain numeric character entities of the form &#DECIMAL; or &#xHEX; where DECIMAL or HEX is a decimal or hexadecimal number, respectively. Language codes are always two lowercase letters (i.e. "en" for english, "lt" for Lithuanian, "tr" for Turkish and "az" for Azari).

Case Folding

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