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In order to load your cataloging records into this web site, your data must be available as one or more MARC export files. This site has the additional restriction that none of these files may be larger than ten megabytes. This page describes how to export your records as MARC data from a previous version of Minaret.

Exporting a Single Record
To export one record at a time to one or more export files, pull up each record on the screen and follow the export directions, below.
Exporting all Records
To export all of the records in a database, start Minaret the way you usually do and follow the export directions, below.
Running a Query
If you want to export a portion of an existing database based on some critieria, you must first run a query, as follows:
  1. Start Minaret as you usually do.
  2. Press F9 and select Locate.
  3. Input your searching criteria and press F10. This will run the query. As long as at least one record matches your criteria, export your results as described in the next section. Otherwise, run a different query.
After running a query, you can export all of the records that match your criteria or browse through the results, exporting one record at a time.
Exporting MARC Data
From within a previous version of Minaret:
  1. Press F9 and select I/O, MARC and Export.
  2. If you are exporting all records in a database or all records in a query, select All. To export a single record, make sure it is displayed on the screen and select Current.
  3. Select whether or not you want to export local fields. These are either fields that you have defined that are not part of the US MARC standard or they are standard fields that you have defined as local so that you can suppress them when you export your data.
  4. Input the name of the file to export your data to and press Enter. The default file name is "marctape".
  5. Press Enter to accept the default library id of "XXXX".
  6. If the export file already existed prior to this export, you will be asked whether you want to Append to this file or Replace it with the new information. This allows you to add additional MARC records to an existing file. If the file did not already exist, you will not see this prompt.
  7. After your data has been exported, the help line at the bottom or the screen should read "Export complete".
  8. Select Quit to exit the menu.
The resulting MARC export file will be found in the Minaret directory of your hard disk (usually "/min180" on the hard drive that Minaret is installed on). Minaret always produces three MARC export files (i.e. "marctape.1", "marctape.2" and "marctape.3"). If you chose a different file name above, look for a set of files with that name plus ".1", ".2" and ".3" extensions. Files one and three are not needed for an upload as they are only used when creating a magnetic tape. The file you will be uploading to this web site contains the actual MARC data and will have a ".2" extension (i.e. "marctape.2").

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